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TAF Beach water activities (SUP, canoe, sea bike)

Updated: Jan 9

At TAF Beach Villas, guests can indulge in a range of exciting water activities, creating unforgettable moments along the pristine shoreline. Stand-up Paddleboarding (SUP) invites enthusiasts to gracefully glide across the calm waters, offering a unique perspective of the coastal beauty. For a leisurely exploration, canoes are available, providing a tranquil and enjoyable experience as you paddle along the picturesque coast. Adventurous spirits can opt for the sea bike, a delightful blend of cycling and aquatic adventure, allowing you to pedal your way through the gentle waves. These water activities not only add a splash of excitement to your stay but also provide an opportunity to connect with the serene surroundings of TAF Beach Villas. Whether you seek relaxation or a bit of adventure, these aquatic pursuits are designed to enhance your seaside retreat.


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